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A man I know (1)

A man I know once met a man from Baile an Chaisleán in Tigh Ned’s, who told him that whenever he looked out of his kitchen window of an evening after being in the pub he would see a herd of elephants charging at him down the raveen. The man I know saw it with his own eyes.

Image: JesseJames. Words: JesseJames.

Inis Oírr’s Fountain

A woman I know told me a man from Galway she knows told her that the cargo of the Plassey, which was shipwrecked on Inis Oírr in the 1960’s, included ceramic toilet bowls. Many of these were spirited away when the Plassey was grounded on Trá Caorach. A woman I know told me a man from Galway she knows told her that some of the ceramic toilet bowls were used in the dwellings on the island, while others were sold in Galway. We imagine Duchampian porcelain installation pieces might still be found unclaimed in the caves and crevices of the limestone.

DRAWstonewalls Winners Announced 2021

Thank you to everyone who took part in the 2021 #DRAWstonewalls international sketch event celebrating dry stone walls. Here are the winners for the #DRAWstonewalls 2021 competition.

These six pieces were created:sketched:stitched:painted by Sinead Lawson @airyfairyletters and were inspired by the Dry Stone Walls of the Dingle Peninsula in the County Kerry. Sinead is the overall winner of the DRAWstonewalls competition and wins an event-only ticket to Féile na gCloch 2022 that will take place on Inis Oírr in the autumn of that year.

Sinead Lawson

The award for best pencil sketch goes to Guadalupe for this fine piece of detail


Vourneen Taylor wins the category for best study of a specific wall with this water colour

Vourneen Taylor

John Digney receives a commendation for his triptych bringing awareness to the beauty and significance of dry stone walls.

John Digney

Peter Black’s evocation of the shipwreck on Inis Oírr wins the prize for capturing the life and culture of the smallest of the Aran Islands in Galway Bay.

Peter Black