Bearlargair na Saer

Bearlargair na Saer is the ancient language of masons which goes back beyond written history. It originates from the old Gaelic which added Latin and English as time passed. Keeping the language alive Jim Fahy heard it being spoke in his youth and has studied the language in depth, the stronghold of the language in Ireland being Munster. The video gives a flavour of Bearlargair which spread across the world with journeying stonemasons as they carried their skills far and wide throughout history.

Féile na gCloch, the festival of stones, unfurls virtually in 2021 on the 2nd October. Engage with the event whenever suits you via the Galway Heritage website.

Féile na gCloch, festival of stones, is an annual event on Inis Oírr. It brings together practitioners in stone walling, stone carving and letter carving from around the world to celebrate the heritage of the stones of the Aran Islands. In 2017, a new workshop was introduced, to reflect on the role that drawing and sketching plays in each of these traditions.

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