Bliain in Inis Oírr, Episode 4

Inis Oírr lies 6 miles off the coast of Connemara. With over 250 inhabitants it is the smallest of the three Aran Islands. While embracing progress and change, this rocky outpost has managed to retain much of its traditional island way of life. Inhabited by communities whose everyday language is Irish, the Aran Islands are immediately striking for being a desert of rock where there is scarcely any shelter, no mountains or woodland to be found. What pasture there is has been largely man made. James Joyce once wrote that these islands could be the place to go to find the real Ireland — something that has particular resonance today. Filmed from January to December 2010, “Bliain In Inis Oírr” is a four part series that follows a diverse mix of individuals living on the island. From new-comers to those who have lived there for generations, audiences will be given an insight to day-to-day island life and the reasons why each of these people has chosen to make this magical, yet harsh, place their home. Each of the four episodes features one particular season, highlighting seasonal activities and festivals as well as the passage of time through the changing weather and vegetation of the island.

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