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Inishative with John Shaw-Rimmington

Inish less or inish more
Inish either Inish or
I’m glad I’m back in Inisheer
I think I’ll have a local beer
Inish woman Inish man
On the isles of Aran
The first Irish coming here to live
Really had inishative

Flattish roundish
Start to finish
Upish downish
Outish Inish

Beyond the view beyond the sky
Almost as far as sea can eye
Before my strength and health diminish
I must return once more to Inish

Attractive views here and there
You see a tractor everywhere
Walls of grey
On greenish isle
random walls in feidin style

Mudders here. Children there
Tursty tourists everywhere
You needn’t be a power house
To climb up to the tower house

It isn’t such a real big hastle
To catch a view from yonder castle

It’s worth the trip on the ferry
To Lands of walls of bramble berry

Words and Image: John Shaw-Rimmington


My thoughts were running on the Aran Islands

Feile na gCloch return

I was near the quay now and my thoughts were running on the Aran Islands. Some years ago I had ready J M Synge’s beautiful book about these islands and they had lived in my imagination ever since. They hope that they were not too much affected by modern conditions was mine, and my conversation with the Commissioner in the train from Dublin was encouraging.

Ian Dall – Here are Stones – 1931

It’s So Easy by MacDara

It’s so Easy performed by MacDara Ó Conaola, traditional and sean-nós singer from Inis Oírr.

MacDara will be hosting a concert at 9pm on Friday 15th September at Áras Éanna arts centre on the island.  The performance will be of approx. 1 hour in duration. This event takes place during Feile na gClcoh.

Footage: JesseJames