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Rust-stained storm beach

Rust-stained storm beach

ship irons blister

becoming geology

Rust Stained Storm Beach

Words and Image: Aodhán Rilke.

But for the stones

the fort

aristocracies long gone

but for the stones

O Briens castle Inis Oirr by James

Detail from Zibaldone page with contemporary Haiku by Anton Kinsella, County Cork. Anton’s Haiku will be weaving their way into the pages of the Inisheer Zibaldone.

Thorny Garden of Eden

Not for me dull sodden land

Disturbed by upcroppings

Of white thorny mayflower

With cattle splurging their way home.

But for me a place

With white rocky back glistening

Under the raw red setting sun.

A hump backed stranded island

Amid sparkling sea and shimmering sky.

A mere bone of earth

Keeping itself afloat

While stripping me of unnecessaries.

A keeper of spring gentian and campion

Storm stranded sparrow hawk,

Arctic tern and sun seeking swallow.

Yes, for me this sun faded picture

Of bleached rock, bleached sand and sky

That I can touch and see and feel and know

With the sureness of earthly instinct

That in this thorny garden of Eden

Is all that is life to me.

Catherine Conneely Poem

Poem: Catherine Conneely. Image: JesseJames