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Zibaldone Origins

A Zibaldone was originally a notebook kept by Italian merchants in the 14th century. Alongside workaday notes they began to add personal stories and pictures. The most famous examples are Leonardo DaVinci’s notebooks.

The Zibaldone Project has taken this structure as a starting point, and has evolved the concept so that a Zibaldone can contain anything – drawings, text, poetry, collage, photography, notes, maps, prayers, lyrics, legends, myths etc – which makes it the ideal format for evoking a sense of place.

The Loughrea Zibaldone

JesseJames were invited by the Galway Heritage Office to create the Loughrea Zibaldone as part of the Loughrea Medieval Festival. Together with four other artists from Spain and Hungary, JesseJames set about capturing a sense of people, place and culture based on our experiences of Loughrea over the festival weekend. All of the artists pages were bound into the Loughrea Zibaldone notebook which is currently exhibited at the Loughrea Municipal Library.

Image: JesseJames