The Stone and Wind masons of Jeju Island, Korea

Dolbitna Art School was started in 2015 with 5 people who love stone walls in Jeju Island. The purpose of its establishment is to promote the beauty and value of stone walls in Jeju Island, and to preserve the stone walls for a long time by passing on the technology of building stone walls. There are about 300 students who have completed the Dolbitna Art School, and they are working with them to preserve the stone walls. Jeju Island was created by a volcanic eruption and is an UNESCO world heritage site. Features stone mason Hwan Jin Jo.

Féile na gCloch, the festival of stones, unfurls virtually in 2020 on the 18th and 19th September. On both days at 1pm you can follow the event on Facebook. Or engage with the event whenever suits you via the Galway Heritage website.

Féile na gCloch, festival of stones, is an annual event on Inis Oírr that takes place every September. It brings together practitioners in stone walling, stone carving and letter carving from around the world to celebrate the heritage of the stones of the Aran Islands. In 2017, a new workshop was introduced, to reflect on the role that drawing and sketching plays in each of these traditions.

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